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Great results!  Our post mitigation reading was below 0.8 pCi/L....
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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized National Radon Defense dealer in Minneapolis, MN.

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State leaders in Minnesota have recently passed a bill to increase awareness of radon among home buyers.... [Read more]
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Work Requests From Minneapolis, MN
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Unfinished basement. Did a test years ago that was positive. Now I plan to finish the basement and may need mitigation.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Did a home test and came back with 11.5 levels. Would like to discuss options for mitigation.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
I purchased an older home (1908) a few years ago, and have concerns about the air quality given its age and the last owner's overall maintenance issues. I would like to get the air tested for Radon and a quote for mitigation. Thank you
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
I had an at home test come back at 4.4pci/L
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
I've done two rounds of short term tests - the first measured 2.9, the second set measured 4.0-5.1.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We have done two alpha energy tests in our basement. One was ~4.5, one was 6.6. We have drain tile installed with a vent pipe, but no vacuum system in place. Best times for an on-site quote, if that is needed are 9-noon weekdays.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
High radon levels, 1/2 basement is crawlspace
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Hello! You guys tested my radon levels for my home inspection last month. They were a little high, and I would like to see about installing a mitigation system.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Recently bought single house. Inspection revealed 4.6 pci/l radon levels. at the basement. Will need quote for a mitigation system. Basement is a finished basement.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Radon was tested in our basement and found to be 4.1 so we would like to move forward with a mitigation system, looking for a quote. Thanks
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We are selling our house and need to install radon mitigation after test came back at a 7. Would like to do it as quickly and cheaply as possible and need a quote. Thanks!
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Looking to get a quote for radon mitigation system in our home.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Would like to have radon mitigation system installed in home.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Our radon levels were slightly elevated in a home inspection test; we're interested in getting a mitigation system
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Looking to sell our home and need to get a radon test to document radon level on our seller disclosure.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We recently completed a test showing our radon levels of 5.9 pCi/L. We would like help getting this down to a safer level.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We are under a purchase agreement for a home. Radon was tested at 3.7. I'd like to understand the cost of radon mitigation prior to sale (scheduled in about a week. Please let me know if you can give us a quote immediately We'd like a general info if you can't... home is a one story rambler with foundation of 42' by 28' built in 1950s.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We just purchased/moved into this home, a radon test came back at 3.9. My husband works mostly from our basement, so we would like an active mitigation system put in.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We conducted a radon test on a property we acquiring and need to conduct radon mitigation. Can you contact me in regard to a quote. Our closing date is August, 13th.
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
We got a radon test and need to get the radon mitigation! Thanks!
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