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Learn more about Twin Cities Radon Services' recent work requests in Minneapolis, MN
Vicinity of Russell Ave N in Minneapolis
Level above 6. Mitigation required for sale. 1.5 story with finished upstairs and unfinished basement. no garage.
Vicinity of Clinton Ave. in Minneapolis
Did an at home First Alert brand radon test that resulted in a radon level of 6.2 pCi/L. Would like a re-test and discuss what the next steps in mitigation may be.
Vicinity of Wentworth Ave in Minneapolis
I just moved into a house which tested for average radon levels of 4.4 pCi/l. I'd like to learn about mitigation systems. Please let me know when you are available to visit the house and provide a quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of Fillmore Street NE in Minneapolis
Purchasing home in NE Minneapolis, radon test completed and above EPA standard. Looking for quote on this single family home 1.5 story.
Vicinity of Taft St NE in Minneapolis
We recently purchased our house. During the inspection we tested for radon and results were above the limit. We would like a qoute for installing a mitigation system.
Vicinity of Brighton Ave NE in Minneapolis
We recently received a buyer's inspection report indicating radon level of 4.1 pCi/L and would like a quote for completing mitigation as soon as possible. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Radon level 5.4
Vicinity of Queen Ave N. in Minneapolis
Our average radon level is around 10 after a couple of tests. we have a crawl space and interior drain tile that will need to be sealed. There is also one wall with old drywall and the drain tile behind it. Can you please provide a bid for this? Thanks you.
Vicinity of Penn Ave. N. in Minneapolis
We recently purchased a home that tested at 4.8 pCi/l levels during inspection. We'd like to get a quote on having a mitigation system installed.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Home sale- high radon levels
Vicinity of Snelling Avenue in Minneapolis
Hello, I received my radon test results back, and they are currently at 4.9. I am looking to get quotes regarding a mitigation system. My home is a 1914 bungalow with 2 stories, attic, and unfinished basement with 7 foot ceilings. Garage is not attached.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Would like a quote for a radon mitigation system to be installed in home.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
We had a radon test done with the home inspection and the radon level was at a 4.0. The basement is unfinished.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I tested the radon level in basement and it came back 10.7pCi/L x2. Would like mitigation system
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I need a quote for radon mitigation
Vicinity of Hayes Street NE in Minneapolis
The levels that were recorded for our new house is 12, we are seeking a quote to mitigate the radon. Thank you
Vicinity of Garfield Ave S in Minneapolis
Would like estimate to install ventilation system to reduce radon levels
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Would still like to install a radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Hello, I close on my new home on Wednesday of this week! We did a radon test during the inspection and learned that levels are high. I would appreciate a quote on fixing this problem. Thank you! Kate
Vicinity of Dupont Ave S in Minneapolis
We have accepted an offer on our house, and the buyers inspection has resulted in an addendum to install radon mitigation. We need to know what this would cost very quickly so that we can respond.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Radon testing for a new home (new construction).
Vicinity of McKinley St NE in Minneapolis
Radon testing has been completed at 7/(result). We are selling the home and are wanting the mitigation system installed by June 15, 2015
Vicinity of Rhode Island Ave South in Minneapolis
We had a test done and it was positive for the radon. Would like an estimate for a radon mitigation system to be installed.
Vicinity of Zenith Ave N in Minneapolis
We have a radon level of 4. We need a radon mitigation system. Looking for a quote.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
My client had a 6.8 radon when his house was tested. We told buyer we would install a radon mitigation system. The house is vacant, we need a quote for the cost of the system.
Vicinity of Bryant Ave S in Minneapolis
Need radon mitigation for my house. I have a quote for $1,000 and I'm wondering if you can go lower.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I am purchasing a home that tested high for radon. I would like a quote for a radon mitigation system. The square footage is around 1100. Thanks!
Vicinity of Irving Ave N in Minneapolis
Just would like to order the tests and have the testing done!!!
Vicinity of Quincy Street NE in Minneapolis
I'd like to know the cost of scheduling a radon test and in-home consultation / mitigation quote. I recently performed a self test with results above 4pci/L Please contact me via email. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Purchased new home- has avg level of 4.6 in basement. Interested in mitigation.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Hi - I used a charcoal test and received a 4.0. I'd like to have you guys come out and let me know how to best proceed in making our basement safe. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Radon tested as slightly elevated when bought house June 2014. Interested in using basement as living space. Gathering quotes for radon mitigation cost.
Vicinity of Grand Ave S in Minneapolis
I recently purchased a home. I had a radon test done at inspection it averaged 4.3 I would like to get a radon mitigation system installed. I am looking for a quote and different methods to use to reduce the level to as low as possible. thanks, Adam
Vicinity of Queen Ave N in Minneapolis
Hello. Radon was tested high in our home. We also did a follow up test, also high. We're looking for a bid to fix this problem. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
We are selling our home and as a condition of the buyers inspection we must install a radon mitigation system in our small home in South Minneapolis. We would like to do it as soon as possible and as inexpensively as possible. Can we get a quote. Thank you!
Vicinity of W Lake Of The Isles Parkway in Minneapolis
We purchased our house year ago and Radon level was high and we would like to get estimate for radon mitigation.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Radon testing by buyers' inspector detected overall avg. 6.3 pCi/l in basement. I would like to schedule an appointment for mitigation estimate. Thank you, Amy C
Vicinity of Sunset Blvd. in Minneapolis
We have done two tests that average 4.1 We'd like to do remediation. Our house is a 1927 house that is 4000 square feet. Please let me know if you can provide us with a quote.
Vicinity of Washburn Ave N in Minneapolis
The house is a 2 story stucco with a basement and foundation size 800sq ft. Our radon reading was 10.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I just completed a self-test and the results came back at 4.9. My pregnant wife and I sleep in the basement and are hoping to learn about mitigation options. I called your phone number but no one answered. I am hoping to schedule a consultation for early next week. Can someone please contact me to let me know if that is an option?
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Buyer's inspection turned up radon concern above 4; would like an estimate for mitigation. Thanks, Mike
Vicinity of Elliot Ave S in Minneapolis
I'd like to schedule a free radon test, please. Thank you.
Vicinity of Benjamin St NE in Minneapolis
Hello, I am wondering if I could schedule a time to get a quote for a radon mitigation system? We recently moved into our home and the radon levels were at 6.75 when we did our inspection. Thank you!
Vicinity of Laurel Ave in Minneapolis
I had two radon tests com back with high levels and I'm looking to mitigate. The basement if unfinished, there is an attick crawl space. The house is 1400 sq ft. with three bedrooms and one and a half bath. The house was build in 1924. There are significant cracks in the basement floor.
Vicinity of Snelling Ave in Minneapolis
We did a home test kit and it came back a 6. Would like to get a mitigation quote, and possibly another test just to verify high levels.
Vicinity of Bryant Ave S in Minneapolis
Radon testing during new home inspection registered 4.3. Would like someone to come out and quote a mitigation system.
Vicinity of Lagoon in Minneapolis
Selling a home this is closing on friday. We had radon mitigation scheduled and the contractor has disappeared and not returning phone calls. We need the install asap?? I can send you lots of referrals in the future. thanks
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Our neighbor had high radon, and we were tested by an friend who is a home inspector, we were found to have high levels-also the woman who lived in this house before us died from non-smoking lung cancer...we are concerned.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
100 yr old house, we've done testing and come in around 4. Planning on moving our teenager to the basement, and also have general concerns about radon moving through the house. Most of basement is unfinished.
Vicinity of Penn Ave S in Minneapolis
I've conducted a long term test and our radon level is at 4.10 wondering what would be invovled for radon mitigation
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Have tested for Radon 8 years ago, results were in acceptable range, tested last year and they have gone up. Need to get a quote and Radon Mitigation.
Vicinity of Harriet Ave South in Minneapolis
I have a question on testing and the cost of a mitigation system. Please respond, Thanks